Private/Family Groups

What is private groups & family travel?

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Private Group & Family Travel is based on you forming your own group of  friends, family, club orassociation. This is ideal for travellers who seek cultural experiencegroup or family bonding adventure, an educational adventure or just plain fun in the great outdoors without having to contend with the interests of other travellers who may have different objectives from your own.

Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, it’s just a matter of selecting your Indonesian destination, dates and activities. Our expertise will then help make your adventure come to life, where we create a tailor made adventure based on your own specific criteria. We listen to what you want, help you decide on the best places to visit, the right time to visit them and what you will need to take with you along the way.

Why choose Indo Trek?

The carefully selected members of the Indo Trek team have been creating tailor made adventures for a variety of private groups and family packages for over 20 years. With this specialist experience under our belt, we are highly skilled in developing an itinerary perfectly suited to the needs of your private group.  

We have a permanent office base in Jakarta, ensuring that all the itinerary permits, permissions and logistical requirements are fully met. This also allows us to facilitate any last minute changes should they be required.

Our Team are dedicated to looking after you from the moment you are met at the airport and throughout your entire trip, ensuring you experience the ultimate adventure

Benefits of travelling in a private group

You have the holiday of a lifetime and we do all the organising! You and your group can relax whilst we do the hard work! The expedition will consist exclusively of your group along with our support team. You choose the style of travel, the class of accommodation and the inclusions so the journey perfectly suits you and your group, thus providing greater flexibility and independence.

We can take you safely to remote places and get you off the beaten track, giving a unique experience away from the crowds, accessing areas that would normally be restricted as a regular tourist. 

Organising Private Group Travel

Organising a private group is as easy as picking up the phone or emailing us with your requirements.  Just let us know where you wish to travel to, how many are in your group and an estimated date of departure and we’ll start researching and investigating your itinerary, with no obligation.

Once you’re happy with the expedition plan, we’ll put together a full set of detailed Expedition Notes outlining the daily itinerary, the trip highlights, trip inclusions & exclusions, fast facts about the country, visa requirements as well as other helpful information.  These Expedition Notes can be distributed to your group, so everyone has a clear idea of the expedition.

If you need a more information or help with identifying your project, then members of the Indo Trek team would be more than happy to organise a private information night for your group based on the itinerary we create.

Types of Private Groups

We’re pretty flexible in what constitutes a “group”…here a just a few examples:

  • Family & Friends
  • Corporate Groups
  • Sporting Groups
  • School Groups
  • Social Clubs
  • Photography Clubs
  • Charity Groups
  • Artists Groups
  • Special Interest Groups

Contact us

 To organise your private group adventure, please feel free to get in touch via our contact page