About The Team

Phil Krakatoa2

Director and expedition Leader, Phil Briggs F.R.G.S

A former Royal Marines Commando and member of UK Special Forces, Phil is director of Indo Trek expedition company and has previously served as race director for the Indo Ultra marathon event held in Indonesia and Sandbaggers Head of Safety and Expedition guide whilst working in Mongolia. Phil has led many expeditions and charity treks throughout the world. Away from overseas treks he divides his time between Head of Operations for a U.A.E based Outdoor education and expedition provider and being Senior Instructor at Venture Medical specialising in remote wilderness first aid training. Amongst his many professional outdoor qualifications, he’s a qualified Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Advanced Medic and has spent many years serving on Mountain Rescue Teams in Scotland. He draws from a wealth of experience, having operated in some of the world’s most extreme desert, arctic and jungle environments. Phil’s passion and commitment for wildlife and conservation has been recognised in receiving awards from leading organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW) and both the Scottish and UK Governments. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and continues to share his passion with others and is currently involved in raising awareness of some of Indonesia’s critical endangered species such as the Javanese rhino and orangutans of Kalimantan.



Operations Manager,  Stella Marius

Stella is the ‘backbone’ of Indo Trek and is responsible for all in-country operations and logistical support and planning having operated throughout Indonesia. 

Stella  has been an active athlete of rafting since 2001. The passion to that sport has brought her to compete in some international rafting championships, and proudly present her country some national and international championships.. These achievement led  her to be employed in a leading Indonesia  rafting company that also ran expeditions and trekking trips, as well as delivering Experiential Learning to many companies and institutions throughout Indonesia. Stella has become a lead facilitator and practitioner in the area of Experiential Learning leading to her being appointed as an executive in AELI (The Indonesia Association of Experiential Learning). Graduating from The Faculty of Languages and Art, University of Manado, in French, makes her french her third language after Indonesia and English. Stella is also an Indonesian government  Competent Eco-tourism guide awarded via Tourism Ministry.  This nationwide connection  links to various kind of communities and institutions, and her instinct on humanity set her to become involved in the Global Rescue Network. This Indonesian Non Governmental Organization which is based on a network of people and various institutions working together to provide Rescue & Relief Operations in response to various disasters. This included the management of rescue, logistical planning and distribution, medical responses, as well as rescue unit by raft boat and kayak. Her cheerful attitude, skillful, responsive and responsible manner would guarantee a productive results in every occasion she held.




Expedition doctor , Linda Rehatta.

Linda has been a qualified doctor since 2006 and brings to the team a wealth of experience of working throughout Indonesia behind her, including spending a couple of years as a Primary Health Doctor in remote Papua. She currently acts as an Occupational Health doctor  and coordinator for two companies as well as keeping her hand in on the shop floor as a freelance doctor.

Linda is also a volunteer medic for Global Rescue Network and has assisted in many emergency situations throughout Indonesia including such as tsunami’s, volcanic eruptions and the recent floods in Jakarta.  Phil has been fortunate enough to have run several training course with Linda over the last few years and her experience and knowledge is excellent, plus her English is much better than my Indonesian. An asset to the team, Linda is looking forward to meeting you all and welcoming you to her country.