How do I start planning my charity event?


How do I begin?
Simple. Contact the Indo trek team to discuss the exact needs for your group. This free consultation is an important stage of the whole trip planning process and is the perfect opportunity to outline your preferred style of travel, destination, desired departure dates, group requirements, and budgets as well as ask any questions you may have to ensure the smooth running of your programme. On conclusion of our discussions we will provide a free quote.

When should I begin organising?
As soon as you’ve decided you want to travel – call us! Organising a challenge can take over a 18 months to recruit as participants may need to raise funds, get their fitness prepared or already have other trips planned for that year, however we have assisted many groups in much shorter time. If you leave it too close we may not be able to secure all your travel arrangements such as permits in the national parks. A year in advance of your desired departure month is a nice average as flights also become available around this time.

After I’ve finalised an itinerary what else will I need to do?
Not much really. All you need to do is get enough people to travel, we’ll do the rest. As part of your trip cost we also assist with all other required documentation, from expedition notes, to pre-departure information as well as medical forms, booking forms, risk assessments and evacuation procedure documents. We’ve drawn on our years of experience to ensure that all travellers are suitable for the adventure challenge ahead.

I’ve not done this before. Can you assist with marketing ideas?
Of course! We’ve had many years of experience seeing what has and has not worked for other challenges we’ve been involved with. We’d be happy to give you marketing ideas. Most importantly you must get the product right for your target audience and we’ll happily discus where to go, how long to go for and what activity level would be right for your participants.

Can you assist with trip briefings?
At your request we are happy to organise an evening of information, and inspiration, to help you answer questions and outline the amazing adventure ahead. Trip briefing evenings are the ideal way to calm nervous travellers as well as attract extra participants.

We can even organise training days or weekends to build skills and confidence, look over kit and equipment requirements and more importantly come together as a group

As the group organiser can I travel for free?
Yes. Providing your group size meets the agreed minimum group number we always include 1 free of charge (FOC) place for a representative. Should you require more FOC places please advise us during initial consultation.

For advice and fundraising see FUNDRAISING TIPS-ABC’s of Fundraising