Just some of the fantastic feedback and comments the Indo Trek team receive after our events.

A big thanks to all who contribute and the team really appreciate your honest feedback, good or bad, as we constantly strive to maintain or improve on our high standard.

"I have just came back from a trek through Indonesia with Indo Trek, and could not believe the experience or the hospitality       that I received. From start to finish I felt so welcomed by everyone (staff and fellow trekkers) which made this difficult personal challenge an experience I will never forget.

The whole expedition was so professional, fun and really worth taking myself out of my comfort zone. The scenery throughout  the trek was breathtaking, and intriguing that made you feel you did not want to come away from the adventure. After reviewing the companies website, I knew this was definitely the type of trip and organisation I want to chose to complete my challenge    for the charity I was representing, and they never let me down in anyway at all. 

The support, the information provided before and during the trek was second to none. The atmosphere you experienced           throughout the whole day, you really cannot put into words as you need to feel and experience it.

I am really looking forward to another adventure with Indo Trek, and I have been highly recommending them to everyone that I have spoken to since my return back home. I'm now planning to return to Indonesia with a team of my work colleges for our     next charity trek in 2015 in aid of Cancer Research.
Cant wait!"

2013 Indo Trek
Wise Group

"It was absolutely marvelous expedition that when the going got particularly tough we pulled together as a team and there was always someone to hand with a word of encouragement or a joke to lighten the mood.  We were also blessed with a very          charismatic expedition leader in Phil Briggs and a great support team:
Bram the doctor, Eja the translator and Steve and Hendra as logistic and support.
Just an amazing experience!"

2012 Indo Trek
O2E Charity

"Cannot praise Sole Challenge (Phil Briggs) enough. I have now completed several events including The Gobi expedition             and  more recently recently returned from an expedition to the jungles of Indonesia, both led by Phil Briggs. His professional, organised and approachable nature, guaranteed a fantastic safe and relaxed experience from start to finish. A very professional service and an amazing in-country support team. I've taken away many fantastic memories from this experience.  Cannot wait for the next expedition,bring it on!"

Gobi and Indo Utd 2012 Charity trekker

"Indo Trek was a fantastic experience with stunning scenery and wildlife. Even having done the trek twice there was still so       much to see second time round.
The Indo Trek team put on a unique trip which I would highly recommend. Made some great friends and have good memories   of the trip".

Indo trek 2012,2013

"Going to Ujong Kulon with Phil and his team from Indo Trek the first time was amazing, a life changing experience. The second time did not fail in expectations at all. Whether it be trawling through the jungle, spotting the amazing wildlife or swimming in pools that looked like they were taken out of an advert for paradise it was a seriously fantastic trip. The team are amazing as well catering for everyone's needs. Phil is experienced, looks after the whole team and ensures a great time is had by all. The rest of the team Stevo, Hendra, Eja and Icram also worked hard to ensure that the trip had an amazing atmosphere and great personality. Indo Trek- Get them on your bucket list!"

Viki Williams
Indo Trek 2012 & 2013

"Hi my name is Tony and I currently serve on HM SUBMARINE VICTORIOUS as a Chief Engineer for the Royal Navy. A couple of years ago I had the chance of going on a charity trek to the Gobi Desert. I was a little apprehensive about going as I hadn't done anything like this before. I went along to a seminar to see what it was all about and Phil Briggs gave a fantastic presentation about the up coming adventure. The presentation was very enjoyable and covered all my questions including, route, underfoot conditions, climate, local knowledge of the area and most importantly our safety. After completing the 100 mile trek across the Gobi Desert(in one piece) I was so impressed with the service I got from Phil that I signed straight up on another of his expeditions which was to trek through an Indonesian jungle. This trek was even more enjoyable than the Gobi as I knew what to expect this time and knew I was in safe hands. As a member of the Armed Forces I have benefited hugely from Phil's passed experiences in the forces and hope we will have many good trips to come".

Gobi Utd Trek 2011 & Indo Utd Trek 2013

"Indotrek 2013 was an unforgettable experience. My highlights were sleeping on picture perfect and utterly deserted beaches
 in the Ujong Kulon National Park, swinging from hanging jungle vines on Peucang Island, and climbing Anak Krakatoa volcano while eagles circled through smoke at the crater rim (I hate the 'once-in-a-lifetime' cliche, but it really does fit here...).
 Furthermore, I made the most fantastic group of friends - Brits on the trip and Indonesian guides alike.
 A huge thank you to Phil and Steveo for organising such a memorable fortnight 
- if I can get away from work then I'll 100% be there again in 2014!"

Indo Trek 2013