Hug Me and Them CRUK, Venture Trust & Kilbryde Hopice Challenge’s 2016

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Charity Challenge’s 2016  (Hug Me&Them/Venture Trust May 2016/ Kibryde Hospice Sept 2016)

In 2016, two team’s of adventurers plan to tackle the jungle of the Ujung Kulon and a trek up the infamous Krakatau volcano in aid of  Hug Me and Them Cancer Research charity, Venture Trust and Kilbryde Hospice.  Each trek will take the team’s through a rich and amazingly diverse area’s of flora and fauna normally reserved for scientific research or natural history documentary makers. They will experience trekking through dense jungle track’s interspersed by trails along golden sun drenched beaches.

These exciting challenge takes place over 8 days in the unique Ujung Kulon National Park on the island of Java.  This being one of fifty national parks in Indonesia and is situated within the province of Banten, Western Java.  The Ujung Kulon was designated by UNESCO in 1992 as an International World Heritage Site mainly due to the wild existence of the Javanese rhinoceros, being one of the most endangered species of animal in the world.  The forest’s biological diversity remains world-renowned and offers a rich and varied landscape.  The team’s will experience highland locations as well as lowland jungles, and have the opportunity to take in its rich coastal and marine environments during their time there.  On completion of phase 1, the team’s will be transported by traditional boat to the volcanic island of  Krakatau, infamous in modern day history for the massive eruption of 1883. This volcano remains active and is constantly monitored by scientists. The team’s will experience at close hand the power of volcanic activity and also how nature can recolonise this harsh, hot and dusty environment.

More details of these upcoming treks will be posted shortly. For further information or if you wish to take part in either of these epic charity challenge’s then please contact the Indo Trek Team or visit the Hug Me & Them, Venture Trust or the Kilbryde Hospice web sites and Facebook pages.



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